Simon J. Frank

Simon's DJ sets are recognized for their authentic grooves inspired by past decades and a deep appreciation for dance music in its truest sense – music produce to make people move. Simons journey began in his teenage years as a record collector, and as his collection expanded, so did his musical style. A fusion of Boogie, Funk, Disco, Jazz, House, and Broken Beat characterizes Simons eclectic sets. A series of fortunate events, a deep passion for sound & design and his understanding of DJing, led Simon to establish 'Varia Instruments' together with his friend Marcel. The brand is dedicated to crafting high-quality DJ devices. What started as a joyful project has evolved into a passion driven company. Today, their mixers 'RDM20' and 'RDM40' are found in the living rooms of audio enthusiasts, in record stores and clubs or contributing to the sound systems of listening bars worldwide. Occasionally, Simon himself travels to these places, embracing what he loves most: delivering exceptional music at lively parties!
Saturday Dancefloor
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Jumeaux Jazz Club
Rue de Genève 19, 1003 Lausanne
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